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A Figure Of Speech

Title: there's catastrophe in everything I'm touching
Word Count: 4,500
Characters/Pairing: Artemis Crock, Dick Grayson, the Joker; Artemis/Dick
Rating: M (for torture, graphic violence, murder, threats of rape, profanity, and dark themes in general)
Disclaimer: Young Justice does not belong to me, I’m just here to play estroy lives.
Summary: If you scream and no one listens, do you make a sound?

Note: I am so, so sorry for this. I don't really know what happened.

(Inspired by Rush's art; text used with her permission. Special thanks to mswyrr for her helpful and speedy beta skills.)

*Title from The Horror of Our Love by Ludo

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Three weeks after everything that happened, Artemis wakes gripping the knife hidden under her pillowCollapse )
A Figure Of Speech
Title: the bittersweet between my teeth
Word Count: 3,400
Characters/Pairing: Artemis/Dick
Rating: T (for some profanity & graphic descriptions of pain. Plus, vampires)
Disclaimer: Young Justice does not belong to me, I’m just here to play.
Summary “I’m so hungry, Robin,” she moans, and yeah, that’s kind of what he was afraid of.

Note: Because every fandom needs a vampire AU, amirite? Warnings for some profanity and graphic descriptions of pain. Um, and the whole vampirism thing. I blame this utterly and completely on Rush. I totally promised this to her moooonths ago. And I mea just look at this. If you want a reference. Er. Extra big thanks to my lovely beta mswyrr, who gives me the confidence to post these strange things my mind concocts.

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“I have plans for you, little girl,” is the last thing she hears. “Don’t disappoint me.”Collapse )
A Figure Of Speech
Title: dig up her bones
Word Count: 8,400
Characters/Pairing: Artemis Crock & cast; Artemis/Wally, sort-of Artemis/Dick, Roy/Jade, Zatanna/Raquel
Rating: T (for some brief language)
Disclaimer: Young Justice does not belong to me, I'm just here to play.
Summary: Most people only die once, but Artemis always was one of a kind. [Before, during, and after Depths.]
Alternative sites: AO3 | FFN | Tumblr
Note: I AM FINALLY DONE! I have literally been writing this off-and-on since right after Depths aired (and subsequently destroyed my soul and my sanity) and now I can finally post the damn thing. Even if there were a few other perspectives I'd have liked to include. Welp.

Jsyk, the pairings are kinda...well let's just say they're mostly canon-compliant, but I ship Traught a whole hell of a lot and it shows lol.

Anyways, get ready for the angst pile.


Artemis knows the plan, knows every step by heart, but that still doesn’t quite prepare her to be fake-killed by her fake-traitor friend.Collapse )
A Figure Of Speech

Title: my body is a cage
Word Count: ~600
Fandom/Characters: The Vampire Diaries; Rebekah, Elijah
Rating: (for references to blood, violence, and torture)
Disclaimer: TVD does not belong to me, I just need these siblings to interact more.
Summary: For once, Rebekah comes first.
Note: I am over 9000% done with all the shit that happens to Rebekah. I desperately want her to go bond with her other brothers--so I guess that makes this fix-it fic? Eh. Directly inspire by this confession, and dedicated to both loup and Charlotte (for reasons they are likely already aware of). There's also a good chance that this fic runs rampant with inaccuracies; I just...don't really care at this point.
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"Rebekah." She thinks she must be hallucinatingCollapse )
A Figure Of Speech

Title: love me dead
Word Count: ~500
Fandom/Characters: The Borgias; Lucrezia Borgia/Alfonso of Naples
Rating: T (for references to blood and murder)
Disclaimer: The Borgias does not belong to me, it just killed the wrong damn character.
Summary: He can't look away. [Alfonso/Lucrezia serial killers au]
Note: Prompted by machiavelliss on tumblr.
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She walks into the bar and it's like sunlight walking into midnightCollapse )
A Figure Of Speech

Title: Past Imperfect
Word Count: 1,600
Fandom/Characters: Young Justice; Artemis Crock, Lawrence Crock
Rating: T (for violence, blood, childhood trauma)
Disclaimer: Young Justice does not belong to me, I just have all the feels.
Summary: The first time she killed someone, Artemis was nearly ten. (This life was never a choice for her.)
Note: A slightly belated birthday gift to my darling Karisa. She has made being in the YJ fandom so much better. All of our Crock ladies feels, let me show you them. Special thanks to mswyrr for being a truly fabulous beta, and everyone else who was kind enough to look it over for me and give me much-needed feedback.
Alternative sites: AO3 | FFN  | Tumblr


The first time she killed someone, Artemis was nearly ten.Collapse )
A Figure Of Speech
Title: they go fiercely and with joy
Word Count: 1,200
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters/Pairing: Clove, Cato; Clove/Cato
Rating: (for some graphic descriptions of violence)
Disclaimer: The Hunger Games does not belong to me.
Summary Even the best laid plans will go astray. Cato and Clove, before the Games.
Note: Dedicated to my lovely Charlotte, without whom this fic would literally not exist, and who kindly lent me inspiration from her words. <3
Alternative sites: AO3, FFN

In the District of stone and stone-workers, in a land that does not forget except for what it has already forgotten, there lives a boy and a girl.Collapse )
A Figure Of Speech
Hey guys. It's been a while. To be honest I rarely come over here any more, what with all the changes and I spend most of my time on tumblr.

I don't have much to say really. Just that, if you want to see more of me then swing by here. If we were friends here and you wanna be friends there, drop me a message so I know who you are. I haven't talked to some of you guys in a while I know.

I'm probably gonna make a few changes around here before I go. I've posted some new fics and rec posts since the last time I updated, so I think I'll add those here if only for archival purposes.

Lol I wonder if anyone even remembers me.
A Figure Of Speech
17 September 2011 @ 11:44 pm
Brb sobbing my eyes out.



I have so many feelings about this episode and the last episode and the whole season but right now I cannot articulate them besides NOOOOOOOO AMYYYYYYYYY and UGH MY HEART and WELL AT LEAST SHE'S ALIVE AND WELL.

My show. Oh my show.

I need Season 5 DVD box set stat.




A Figure Of Speech
13 September 2011 @ 11:48 pm
I don't even know how many episodes of Season 2 I've watched now.


I don't know how I feel about this.

Oh hey guys. I've only been MIA for the past several weeks. I'm not dead, I swear...