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Words of Wisdom

For when life gets too literal.

A Figure Of Speech
Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet +
Here you may find:
• fandom squee/thinky-thoughs/discussions/rants • links to things of interest • my writing (if I ever actually finish anything) • occasional RL stuff • my opinion on whatever I feel like talking about •

Other places I sometimes inhabit:

About me: +
I like my entertainment. Books, tv, movies, cartoons, anime, music, gaming, whatever. I do a little bit of it all (though mostly the first two). I’m a big fan of fantasy. All those crazy magic shenanigans, I’m totally down. I also love fandom, and a majority of my journal is dedicated to that and other cool stuff I find on the internet. Even if it scares me sometimes. (Really, why all the hatin’? It puts a serious damper on the love, and there’s no fun in that.) Luckily, there are always my happy little hidey-holes for me to lurk and squee in. ^_^
My fandoms: +
I tend to dabble in different fandoms, and my interest will come and go depending on my mood.

My most current fandoms are:
• SYFY's Alice • Adventure Time • Avatar: the Last Airbender • Doctor Who • Elementary • Fairy Tail • Gravity Falls • Green Lantern: the Animated Series • Harry Potter • Haven • Les Miserables • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries • Soul Eater • Thor • Young Justice •

A somewhat more comprehensive list of things I watch/read/like to talk about can be found here.
My ships: +
A lot of my fandom love is centered on ships. Not necessarily all of it (friendship and teamwork ftw!), but there you have it. Of course, the stuff I tend to ship ranges from the slightly out-there to the full-blown crack. Very, very often, it is not canon. (Sometimes I get so close though! I guess you have to take what you can get lol.) And I usually like het, because I prefer to include my awesome ladies. Haters to the left, kthnx.

My most current ships are:
Marceline/Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time) • Alice/Hatter (SYFY’s Alice) • Zuko/Katara (A:tLA) • Natasha/Bruce (Avengers) • Bucky/Natasha (Avengers) • Sheldon/Penny (BBT) • Leoban/Kara (BSG) • Mitchell/Annie (Being Human) • Cesare/Lucrezia (The Borgias) • Spike/Buffy (BtVS) • Annie/Auggie (Covert Affairs) • Dexter/Deb (Dexter) • Eleven/Amy (Doctor Who) • Lucy/Grey (Fairy Tail) • Lucy/Loke (Fairy Tail) • Jayne/Kaylee (Firefly) • Jon/Daenerys (GoT) • Arya/Gendry (GoT) • Shin/Yankumi (Gokusen) • Aya/Razer (GL:tAS) • Harry/Hermione (HP) • Hermione/(almost)Everyone (HP) • Helga/Salazar (HP) • Duke/Audrey (Haven) • Cato/Clove (Hunger Games) • Cosette/Marius (Les Mis) • Parker/Eliot (Leverage) • Percy/Annabeth (Percy Jackson series) • Jack/Elizabeth (PotC) • Nick/Cassie (Push) • Soul/Maka (Soul Eater) • Lance/Ilana (SBT) • Sif/Loki (Thor) • Tommy/Kate (Young Avengers) • Artemis/Dick (Young Justice)…
Friending Policy: +
Feel free to add me, though if you want me to add me back it helps if we have some shared interests. So, you know, we have stuff to talk about. Just come say hi, I promise I won't bite. :)

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